Storage to Rent Cabins




3 Easy Steps

✔ 1. We talk on the phone and discuss access

✔ 2.  We deliver the cabin and set it up for you

✔ 3. You move your furniture in and enjoy

We understand that sometimes our homes just aren’t big enough for all the people we need to fit in, or all the things we need to do.  Building an extra room is expensive and time consuming.  A simpler/smarter solution is to rent the extra space you need.  We can tow a portable cabin to your place and then set it up ready for you to immediately use and enjoy.  Our cabins are ideal if you need extra space for family or home office or business. 

To make it as easy as possible for you our portable cabins are delivered ready for you to move straight in - fully insulated with quality carpet and curtains, two double power points, internal and exterior lights.  They come with an Electrical WOF, a switchboard and smoke alarm for your safety and protection.  We also provide a step, and a 20 metre power lead which you can plug into a normal three pin household socket.  The bond is three week's rent, and you pay for the delivery and pick up at the beginning of the contract.  We are WINZ approved.

Take action now - phone/txt 0274918588 to talk to Sarah about what options we have

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