Piako - South Waikato


Relocatable Cabins to your area in South Waikato

We have all your cabin needs met.

Room2rent Portable cabins come complete with carpet, ranch-slider, window, steps plus 20 metre power lead which plugs into your normal household socket. Curtains can be supplied at an additional cost or you can supply your own.


Cabin sizes

Room2rent Cabins come in 3 sizes:

Standard Cabin        3.6 long x 2.4 wide

Large Cabin            4.2 long x 2.4 wide

Extra Large             4.8 long x 2.4 wide

Choose the cabin that best suits your needs.

Contact Sarah today so she can arrange with our local cabin delivery contractor to deliver your cabin. We will work with you to ideally locate the cabin on your site using Google maps. We will also do a free site visit if the delivery looks a bit tricky.

What are the costs

Costs required to get a cabin to your site:
We have cabins from only $70 per week based on a 12 months contract

Adding a Portacom/Portable Cabin to your home is a very cost effective way of providing extra space.

6 months is our minimum contract

Before delivery generally we need the following

Delivery fee         $150 - $350

Bond            up to 3 weeks rental

FIrst week’s rent in advance

These fees vary a little from area to area. Contact toll free 0508 222 464 or email Sarah at Room2rentsarah@gmail.com.

Room2rent Mobile Cabins are WINZ approved. WINZ often pay us direct for all the set up costs, saving you all upfront fees if finances are a bit of a struggle.

Call Sarah today on 0508 222 464 option 4 
or email

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